Our Team


Matthews and Scavalli Architects is an innovative and vibrant practice placing emphasis upon design supported by real building experience. The practice, formed in 1999, combines the talents of Sally Matthews and Andrea Veccia-Scavalli.

Matthews and Scavalli Architects is equipped with the skills and experience necessary to address any project. With substantial experience and a commitment to good design and healthy client relationships, Matthews and Scavalli Architects has delivered projects across the residential, educational and commercial spectrum.

Sally Matthews

sally matthews,

Director, architect

Sally co-founded Matthews and Scavalli Architects in 1999. She has over 21 years of experience in the architectural industry, from within her own company, and a number of leading architectural companies in Perth and Brisbane. 

Andrea Veccia-Scavalli

Andrea Veccia-Scavalli,

Director, architect

Andrea joined Matthews and Scavalli Architects as a Director of Design in 2005 after working as a Lead Designer in Melbourne for a period of seven years. Now with 20 years experience he brings expertise in design, brief formulation and documentation to projects of all scales and types

Damien Caraher

Damien Caraher,

Associate, architect

Damien joined Matthews and Scavalli Architects in 2009. He has expertise as a Project Architect with experience in a diverse range and scale of projects in the commercial, residential, institutional and educational sectors. 

Alex Stevens

Alex Stevens, project architect

 Alex brings a breadth of experience along with his methodical approach to projects, liaising with clients and builders on projects such as South Perth multi residential apartments. 


Katrina Buters, interior designer

Katrina has a wide range of experience in interior design projects from commercial and industrial, to multi-story residential. Some of her recent design projects include the translation of national and international brands into retail outlets.


Mathew omodei, architect

Mathew brings to our team experience across the many facets of architectural projects, from sketch design and design development through to documentation and contract administration. His skills are employed on projects of varying scale and complexity in the commercial, education, residential and multi-residential sectors.


Matthew fletcher, architect

Matthew undertakes research support, sketch design, 3D modelling and document collation. His skills in graphics and presentation have been utilized extensively throughout individual projects in preparing presentations for clients on key projects.


soraya ramsey, office manager

Soraya's role in the office encompasses general management and co-ordination to ensure the smooth functioning of the practice. In addition, she monitors the cash flow and efficiency for each project allowing us to operate at an optimum rate and in return, allows Matthews and Scavalli to consistently deliver to our clients.